Take A Stance and Engage with Your Audience

Take your stance

To make a change in the world, you must take a stance on something you believe in. In a world that is consumed by fast-paced short term social media “headlines,” you won’t be heard unless you take a stance.

The simplicity of your message plus the strength of your brand is what spreads your message. Simple messages connect people in the now, while your brand supports those people’s preconceived notions about you prior to seeing the current message.

Look at the market today. Highly complex topics are being boiled down into 30-second videos, 200-word blogs, and 140 character Tweets. To get seen, you must be able to simplify down to people’s emotional brains.

When Nike posts a high-resolution image of a female professional athlete training for her season and uses the text “Because what you do is who you are” it immediately digs into the emotional center for women who want more from themselves.

Contrast that with a no-name brand posting a picture of a completely normal looking male eating a sandwich that reads “Because what you do is who you are.”

Nike has brand recognition and has tapped into their target market’s emotional center while the other “brand” has no history in our soul nor have they chosen a message that concisely connects to us.

People “like” your message when they already believe the same thing that you’re saying. It’s intuitive to them. They don’t reason themselves into liking you. Their intuition mixed with their perception of what you’re saying pre-judges if they like you or not.  

Within a microsecond, they already “know” if they want to see more of you or not. They might “reason” whether to publicly engage with you if what you said was controversial enough to worry them to associate with you, but their reasoning will merely solidify their pre-existing belief in what their intuition already knows.

If the market doesn’t understand what you stand for; if they can’t, at the snap of their fingers, feel and interpret what you’re saying, they will be onto the next thing that they intuitively feel connected to.

The market already understands Nike because they have been saying “Everybody is an athlete” for decades. They’ve spent billions on amazing ad campaigns, and they have associated with world-class winners since the very beginning.

If you are new to the market, you must begin to build your brand message around your core emotional beliefs that your market already shares. When you tap into a strongly held belief with a belief that you share, you’ll connect. From there, you must grow that connection with consistent touches on those principled beliefs.

Whether you think it’s good or bad that marketers go after these emotions, you must recognize that it’s only through this intuitive connection to people’s pre-built beliefs that they will listen or not. You must be willing to take a stance on your beliefs if you intend to build a following that lasts.

Take your stance.

Be willing to have people disagree with you.

Be willing to stay on message all the time

Be willing to continue to refine those beliefs and message

Be willing to engage directly with your audience as they recognize that you’re a great source of content on the topic.

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