Tennil Reed is currently preparing for the CrossFit Regionals. Today she has some snatch work and aerobic intervals.

Tennil Reed’s CrossFit Games Monday April 16, 2018

AM Session

A) 12 min:
Regionals skill play 10-15 min
– ANYTHING YOU FEEL you need to practice
– We can do some work here in scap and being able to hold in place up top!
AB 30/30 x 6-8 sets – building pace and getting warm!

B) Power snatch + Snatch balance: 1.2 – building moderate in 8 min – PAUSE 2 sec in SB bottom – PRESS up!

C) Snatch:
Emom 8 min – 1 rep – 125-145#
Emom 8 min – 1 rep – 145-165#

D) Every 2 min x 6 sets:
Deadlift TnG x 3 – buidling load for 6 sets – your choice in load, PRACTICE with load, KEEP focusing on this!
15 GH sit ups

E) Aer work:
30 sec OHS – 85#
30 sec walk
30 sec burpee over bar
30 sec walk
30 sec Row
30 sec walk
30 sec PS – 85#
30 sec walk
30 sec bjo – 20″
30 sec walk
30 sec Ski
30 sec walk
x 3 rounds
F) EASY cool down 15-20 min :

PM Session

A) @85% Aer power:
Run 400m on Tru Form
60 unbroken DU
50′ HS walk unbroken
rest walk 3 min
x 4 sets
– GOOD breathing, train the DU under fatigue into HS walk

B) EASY Watt bike 20-30 min cool down: Work on what damper feels good, feel this out, get used to upright bike

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