The April Update

Catch up on the latest happenings from OPEX Fitness with this April update.

Designing Metcons for Health Webinar

Join James FitzGerald and Carl Hardwick for the one-hour webinar, Designing Metcons for Health.

Based on our latest download Designing Metcons for Health. This webinar will enhance your programming knowledge with detailed examples of six Metcon principles and include a live program design demonstration based on a client avatar. Register here.

The economics of a group class instructor vs the opex model

Group Fitness Instructor vs. Individual Design Coach: The Economics

The economics of being a group fitness instructor just does not make sense. Getting paid based off of your floor hours is exhausting doesn’t garner a professional wage. Learn how the economics of the OPEX coaching model not only makes sense but creates a sustainable and successful career in this blog.

OPEX Gold Coast

How to Create a Lifelong Career in Fitness

When we think about fitness coaches and personal trainers, we often think about young, fit 20-somethings who burn out after a year in the industry. But that is not the case for Jim and Julie Migliaccio of OPEX Gold Coast. Learn how they have created a lifelong career with OPEX Gold Coast here.

The Future of Fitness

Listen to James FitzGerald and Brand X Method founder, Jeff Martin, on the Future of Fitness podcast discuss the need for physical education and how to make an impact on the generations to come, here.

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