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The evolution of coaching

How OPEX’s Coaching Certificate Program Prepares Coaches to Succeed Today and in the Future.

The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) has always been the definitive coaching education program in the functional fitness arena. It changed how CrossFit, Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning, and many other coaches approached and executed coaching their clients. Through years of refinement and structure, CCP remained the preeminent course that a coach enrolled in to become a professional.

But, as everything must evolve and innovate, CCP is no different. Through the 6 years that CCP was available to coaches, James Fitzgerald, Sharon Prete, Michael Bann, Sean McGovern, and Jim Crowell were upgrading every component within the course material. After years of re-design, CCP emerges completely evolved.

So then, what makes it new and better? Here are the major components that are either new, upgraded, or completely overhauled:

We filmed over 300 educational pieces for this course

NONE of the old CCP videos will sit inside of this content. It’s completely upgraded. Not only will there be new videos, those videos will contain PowerPoint notes embedded in the videos as well as for download in the new member’s site.

The content is either new, or the principles are upgraded across the board

Every section of the course – Consultation (formerly Life Coaching), Assessment, Program Design, Nutrition, and Business Systems – has taken 6 years of upgrades and included it into the core curriculum.

The course now teaches you HOW to implement it with your clients

Where CCP used to be almost entirely principles, the new CCP remains true to the coaching principles, but it adds a huge layer of implementation guidelines so that you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, but you also know when, where, and how to execute it with your clients.

We’ve introduced a brand new Live Immersion Course

This course is saved for coaches who have moved through the online sections of the course and are ready to practice coaching with OPEX Instructors (James Fitzgerald, Sharon Prete, Michael Bann, Sean McGovern, and Jim Crowell) in the room. Never before have you been able to get live feedback on all aspects of your coaching. The first iteration of this course is occurring on October 20th – 21st , 2017.

There is a brand new OPEX Membership site

Just as the content evolved, so too has OPEX’s technology platform. Not only does it look new, it sits on a new system which enhances the coaching experience from day one.

You will go through this course with a cohort start to finish

We introduced the cohort in 2016, but the new cohort combines the exact same course timing with new forum access for each cohort group.

The Final Project has been completely revamped

Now, you will take your clients through a coaching process, document it, refine it, and turn in a sterling portfolio of COACHING! James Fitzgerald, himself, grades these final projects, so when you pass…you will know that you “made the grade.”

There is now 1 “tube”

What this means is that there is no such thing as individual courses. CCP started as individual courses all of those years ago. Now, it is 1 pathway. There is only 1 way to go through CCP and it’s an outstanding and consistent process, which ensures your graduation.

The Cohort calls with James Fitzgerald have evolved

There is no better way to improve your coaching than to speak directly to the source of coaching for thousands of coaches and athletes. The monthly cohort calls place you on video calls with James, and the new CCP structure puts you in the exact same playing field as your peers. The conversations will be invaluable to your coaching growth

We couldn’t be more excited for this course to launch. We believe deeply in the mantra “You’re either growing or you’re dying.” This course is our way of saying “there is no such thing as historical success.” We want to change the game of fitness today and for decades into the future. This new course style is the opening scene in a new company structure that will continue to bring the best education in functional fitness to the marketplace.

If you want to make a beneficial change in your career trajectory as a coach, now is the time. So, what are you waiting for? Pursue your dream career and become a true professional coach by enrolling in OPEX CCP Level 1 Today.


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  1. I’ve completed the courses and working on my Final Project now. Will I have access to this new information now that its been upgraded?

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