The Iron Culture Podcast: James FitzGerald, Marcus Filly

The Iron Culture Podcast Episode 15: The Changing Face of CrossFit

On Episode 15 of The Iron Culture Podcast James FitzGerald and Marcus Filly join hosts Eric Helms and Omar Isuf to discuss the brief but interesting history of CrossFit, coaching methodologies for longevity, and the role of functional bodybuilding. You can listen to the full episode here.

A Brief History of Competitive Functional Fitness

The podcast starts off by discussing both James’ and Marcus’ time as athletes. James was the inaugural CrossFit Games champion, who transitioned from athlete to coach, and now is a coach of coaches. He continues to impact the industry by delivering both coaching education for general population coaches via The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) and sport specific coaches via his newest course, Mixed Modal.

Marcus is a prolific athlete in his own right having competed at the CrossFit Games six times while the sport was only getting more competitive. He is also a coach and pioneering thought leader who combined high-intensity functional fitness training with the modality of bodybuilding.

Randomization Does Not Equal Variation

Second, the podcast jumps into program design. As an influential leader and thinker in the high-intensity functional fitness arena, James leads the conversation highlighting most functional fitness gyms program random workouts with no end goal in mind. He closes this part of the podcast by mentioning that “randomization does not equal variation and in order to truly get the most from your programs your must plan and periodize.” Learn more about how to plan and periodize your programs here.

Functional Bodybuilding

The final part of the podcast covers Marcus’ brand, Functional Bodybuilding. After Marcus’ sixth appearance at the CrossFit Games, he was beaten down. To bring Marcus back to health and reinvigorate his love for training Marcus and his coach at the time turned to bodybuilding. Three years later Marcus is still infatuated with the idea of functional bodybuilding and is preaching its benefits for both athletes and general population clients.

Marcus and James have both coached competitive functional fitness at one time or another, yet they both acknowledge that this type of training is not for everyone and does not align with the goal of long term health. What do they coach now? It’s called personalized fitness and it looks different for each client. The two of them are at a point in which they realize the best type of training is specific to the individual. Learn the same method James and Marcus use to coach personalized fitness and their own clients with The Free 7-Day OPEX Coaching Course.

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