What Does it Mean to be an Athlete?

OPEX Fitness Founder James FitzGerald gives us the distinction between athletes and participants.

“The athlete in my definition is someone who goes for pleasure, pain, points and prizes with the sacrifice of maximum physical expression and the willingness to lose everything. When you use the term athlete, it’s describing individuals who are going after something and they’re going to lose everything for it.”

Who an athlete is and what it means to be an athlete is a hotly contested issue. Many believe that simply participation in physical activity allows you to define yourself as an athlete. However we believe this is not the case and this ‘definition’ cheapens the sacrifice and effort actual athletes put into their chosen path.

This is not to suggest that participants in fitness are any less worthy than athletes, just that the intent with which athletes pursue competition and maximum physical expression is very different from that of a fitness participant. Athletes are willing to sacrifice mind, body and soul for the sake of putting points on a scoreboard. Athletes are single minded in their pursuits, which lead them to great physical and competitive heights while shirking off the many pleasures of modern life. In the video above, James FitzGerald explains his personal distinction between the athletes and participants.

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