What is Absolute Speed?

What is Absolute Speed?

A detailed look at the far side of the Strength Continuum

Absolute speed is a simple concept, it is the ability to access the full potential of speed. Football Coaches and Scouts are testing absolute speed when they are timing athletes’ 40-yard dashes. Absolute Speed may be developed through a combination of absolute strength, skill, technique, alactic, and specific absolute speed training. This narrow window of use limits absolute speed training to a very specific group of sport-specific clients. 

An understanding of absolute speed is valuable for coaches to possess in order to effectively train competitive sport-specific clients. Absolute speed falls on the far side of the Strength Continuum. This area of the continuum is unique because of its sport-specific purposes. Absolute speed while being sport-specific does require a strong base of absolute strength. Absolute speed is one example of how the whole Strength Continuum does not apply to all clients. Most clients might not ever leave absolute strength and will still see benefits in their overall health. It is important to understand the specific needs of the client and use the Strength Continuum to program accordingly. If a client or athlete has hopes of competing in a sport (whether it be functional fitness or not) or just wants to train a sport specific movement mastering absolute speed is a must. Learn how to program for the back half of the Strength Continnum today and receive sample programming with our free guide Programming For Speed Strength and Absolute Speed.

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