What Should The First 3 Sessions With New Clients Look Like?

James FitzGerald’s Weekly AMA: The First 3 Sessions with New Clients

In this weeks Ask Me Anything sneak peek, James FitzGerald, breaks down what the first three sessions with a new client should like. If you are an OPEX Coach submit your question for next week’s Ask Me Anything here and if you are new to OPEX Fitness get an introduction to our education here.

Session One

In the first session, the coach explains the service offering and conducts the initial consultation. This session is used to show the client around the gym, get them familiar with the space, and explain to them how the service works. Following this, the coach will conduct the initial consultation. During the consultation, the coach’s goal is to better understand what makes the client tick including everything from their goals, prior training history, current nutrition, to what their average day entails. The consultation concludes the first day. Get an introduction to our method of conducting client consultations and learn how to build trust with your clients in this free course.

Session Two

The second session is focused on assessing the client. This session is crucial as it will dictate how the coach begins programming for the client. First, the coach must assess the client’s body, we recommend using an InBody machine. This assessment will give the coach and client metrics to track such as lean body mass and fat mass if the client’s goals are set in body composition. Next, the coach runs the client through a movement pattern assessment. The results of this test will directly influence what the coach programs. (Learn the movement patterns we assess here.) To conclude the session the coach will have the client perform the 10-minute max calories on the AirBike test. The data gained from this is an insight into the amount of work the client is capable of and is a metric the coach can use to track progress.

Session Three

Between sessions two and three the coach will have created a training program for the client based on their notes from the consultation and assessment. Session three will be the client’s first day working out in the gym. The coach should pay close attention to the client as they will have many questions about equipment, set up, etc. However, the coach should also give the client space to set the expectation that in this gym model the client needs to take self-responsibility.

The first three sessions are critical for setting the tone of the coach-client relationship and the foundation of the client’s experience in the gym. To systemize this process James teaches coaches how to conduct consultations, which movement patterns to assess and how to design programs based on this data in The OPEX System of Coaching. Get an introduction to his systematic approach to coaching in The Free Coach’s Toolkit.

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