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What’s OPEX CCP?

The Coaching Certificate Program (CCP), is OPEX’s flagship digital course, enabling the mastery of the five pillars of professional coaching.

What is OPEX CCP

Business of Coaching

Every system needs a solid foundation. The Business of Coaching will teach you the 5 Ms of any successful fitness coaching business: Meaning, Market, Money, Model, Management.

Video Chapters 3.5 Hours

Page Workbook: 88 Pages


After getting clients in the door, the most reliable way to build a relationship is to meet with them. In the Consultation fitness coach certification module, you will learn how to work with various types of clients, how often to meet, and how to discern meaningful information from basic conversation.

Video Chapters 5 Hours

Page Workbook: 96 Pages


After determining a client’s goals, a professional coach must assess a client’s current abilities. This module allows for the mastery of the OPEX Assessment (Body, Move, and Work). Coaches will understand how to assess body composition, analyze movement patterns, and assess a client’s work capacity.

Video Chapters 5 Hours

Page Workbook: 60 Pages


The OPEX System of Coaching is centered on Individual Design. Through a proper consultation and assessment, coaches will be able to design personalized fitness programs that ensure their clients obtain long-term results.

Video Chapters 14 Hours

Page Workbook: 70 Pages


Nourishment gives coaches a holistic approach to nutrition and all the encompassing factors that influence a client outside of the gym. With training usually taking up just an hour of a client’s day, a nourishment plan that supports the other 23 hours is essential.

Video Chapters 4 Hours

Page Workbook: 92 Pages


Ease the transition from learning to implementing with quarterly live immersions. During Immersion you will learn alongside other CCP coaches, diving deeper into each module with hands-on practice. CCP Instructors will use case studies to confidently prepare you for your final project.

Final Project


In the Final Fitness Coach Certification Project, coaches execute what they have learned. You’ve transformed the way you think about coaching through this process, and now it’s time to put it to use. Coaches must work with seven clients and take them through one month of OPEX coaching. The project is personally graded by James FitzGerald before you can earn the title of OPEX CCP Coach.

CCP Membership Site


CCP coaches receive access to the Membership Site during their first year — completely free. The site gives coaches ongoing access to the CCP curriculum/subsequent material updates, a forum to connect with instructors, and direct access to James FitzGerald through monthly webinars.

About The Instructor

James Fitzgerald OPEX Founder

James Fitzgerald

OPEX Founder

OPEX Fitness Founder, inaugural Fittest Man on Earth and industry-leading educator, James FitzGerald, has dedicated his life to bringing honor to the coaching profession through the creation of OPEX Coaching Education and Gyms Licensing Programs. The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) reflects his 25 plus years of coaching expertise and is set apart by providing comprehensive coaching theory as well as the practical application of its holistic coaching principles. OPEX Fitness continues to educate thousands of coaches around the world each year through a dynamic digital platform and live courses. Learn More

The OPEX Coaching Certification qualifies for continuing education credits with the following organizations worldwide

  • NASM Certified
  • ISSA Certified
  • NSCA Certified
  • Canfitpro Certified
  • OPEX ACSM Certified

Take the next Step in your coaching career today.

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Take the next steps in your coaching career


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