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The Evolution of Personal Training

OPEX Gyms are the evolution of personal training. Clients enjoy training together under the eye of professional coaches – so their time is maximized. Gyms leverage technology to deliver completely individualized exercise, lifestyle and nutritional programs. Unlike other fitness models, we teach clients who want to open a gym franchise or become a personal trainer to take ownership of their fitness, and at a fraction of the cost.

With over 60+ locations in 6 countries, our gyms are as diverse as the people who own them, coach in them, and train in them. OPEX Gyms all share one common goal: to create the best experience in fitness, period.


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From the way you assess the client to the program design, it just made sense. Coming from the group model, where everyone was doing the same thing, I always knew there was a better way. My client who’s 45 and wants to look good naked and move well doesn’t need to be doing 50 cleans for time.



How to build a profitable micro gym

The future of fitness is personalized. Watch five of the top OPEX Gym Owners and CEO Jim Crowell discuss the future of fitness in this webinar. You will leave understanding the state of the fitness industry, the challenges with current fitness business models, and the opportunities to open a gym franchise or become a personal trainer created through personalized fitness.

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How to build a profitable micro gym

Why Own an OPEX Gym

personalized fitness delivered by professional coaches

Personalized fitness delivered by professional coaches

OPEX Gym Franchises are coach-owned, premium fitness facilities, that pair professional coaching with personalized fitness. Clients receive individually designed fitness programs from their personal coach, along with monthly consultations and assessments. OPEX Gyms also provide clients with access to daily floor coaches to answer their questions and assist in the daily execution of the personalized fitness program.

A business model where everybody wins.

OPEX Gyms succeed because they balance the needs of the owners, the coaches and the clients that form the communities.

Clients reap the benefits of lifelong results, confidence and independence developed through personalized fitness.

Coaches are fulfilled by a system that allows them to continually develop as professionals and transform lives through optimal, evidence-based programming.

Owners can stand proudly in front of a brand that sustains their future and supports their community.

Everyone can live a larger life through personalized fitness.

A business model where everyone wins



Our gyms make an impact outside of their own walls and are influencers in their own local communities. This is why you often see OPEX Gyms hosting nutrition seminars, open days and healthy lifestyle workshops.

Melissa Guitron OPEX Kura

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My coaches understand this will be a sustainable thing for them, so they’re able to have balance in their lives too, which is good. And I have the time to help them in areas where they feel inadequate and need to be more confident.

Melissa Guitron

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Benefits of owning an OPEX Gym

OPEX Gyms are coach-owned and operate premium fitness facilities that deliver personalized fitness experiences to every client. Personalized Fitness honors the individuality and sustainability of the client. A client’s results requires their movement, nutrition, lifestyle, and intent to be personalized.

OPEX HQ provides you with the education you need to grow as a coach and business. Through the OPEX Gym License Program, CCP coaches are enrolled in a three-month process preparing them for opening day. Our Accelerator program is designed to improve your business management and organization of your OPEX Gym. OPEX has built an exhaustive content library plus we consult with and advise gym owners directly in business management and organization for the life of their OPEX Gym.

The License Program Includes:

  • video course
    Comprehensive Digital Course
  • manuals
    OPEX Operations Manual
  • marketing collateral
    Brand Assets & Collateral
  • live calls
    Pre-Launch Mentorship Calls
  • 1-to-1 business coaching
    1-on-1 Business Training
  • Private online community
    Private Gym Owner Community
  • annual mastermind
    Annual Gym Owner Mastermind
  • Ongoing Business, Marketing, and Coaching Education
    Ongoing Business, Marketing, and Coaching Education

The OPEX HQ team will guide you through everything from setting up your initial business structure, to supporting your localized marketing strategies that ensure your gym is successful and sustainable.

Your path to ownership

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Meet With License Advisor

Request a consult to meet with your dedicated OPEX Gyms License Advisor. You will discuss the program in detail, assess your fit and alignment, and review your requested territory.

Upfront Screening

  • Enrolled in CCP
  • Discuss Territory
  • Outline required investment
  • Confirm cultural fit

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