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Why an opex Gym?

OPEX Gyms serve a powerful mission

To create an environment for the clients, the coaches, and the owners to win for decades.

What is unique about our mission is that we tell the same thing to our gym owners as we do to you as clients. It’s important because we care deeply about aligning your interests with those of the coaches and owners in your OPEX Gym. Your success is paramount to all OPEX Gyms, so we’ve aligned our message to guarantee we offer a product that serves the needs of everybody to ensure we all succeed!

Launched in June of 2016, OPEX is proud to work with over 50 OPEX Gyms across the world already. The beauty of the OPEX Gym Program is that you receive one to one and human support at all steps along your gym ownership journey.

The OPEX Gym Accelerator Program

This is the flagship business experience on the market.
As you go through this 6-month business program, you will receive:

Weekly Video Calls

90 min - with OPEX CEO Jim Crowell and OPEX Founder James FitzGerald. On those calls, you will discuss specific content designed to improve your business top to bottom. You’ll also get customized guidance on how you are implementing the concepts into your gym and where/how you can improve your execution and strategy.

Weekly Content And Implementation Work

In both video and PDF format, you will receive a specific curriculum that will take you all of the way through not only the OPEX business model, but also through how you will deliver the service, how you will sell and market it, and how you will create a culture of success for your coaches and clients around you.

Access To OPEX Systems And Technology

You have the option to use an OPEX Gyms website, a pre-built OPEX Gyms CRM System, and a myriad of OPEX built checklists and strategies that have proven themselves effective at growing OPEX Gyms.

Exclusive Access To OPEX Gyms Facebook Groups

Not only will we look at and comment on every homework that you upload to Facebook, we will interact with the rest of the gyms in the OPEX Gyms’ Tribe, and we will constantly upgrade how we all work together to deliver the finest fitness experience in the world.

Live OPEX Gyms Mastermind Groups

We need to frequently engage with and interact with one another live. The Mastermind is a great time for us to work on our business, but also to enjoy one another’s perspectives and company.

Become an OPEX Gym

The OPEX Gyms Program

After you graduate from the OPEX Accelerator, you will move on to the next phase of your business journey. Some of the key benefits of this phase are:

One To One Mentoring From OPEX Gyms Mentors

You read that right. You will receive one to one support as you continue to build your business. We believe in an individual touch, so we deliver it to our gyms!

Monthly Calls With James FitzGerald And Jim Crowell

The content will never stop coming from OPEX to you. It’s critical that we check in on a monthly basis so that we can discuss what’s working across the board, what isn’t, and how we can all upgrade our delivery and marketing of our businesses.

Weekly Coaching Client Case Studies

While you also receive this in the Accelerator Program, we give this to both you and your coaches in order for OPEX to help all of you improve into perpetuity.

Partner Deals And Benefits

We do not push our partnerships on to our gyms, but we do have partnerships with some great businesses who will help you improve your business over the long-run.

Ongoing Access To FREE Content

You will have continued access to OPEX CCP Level 1 and the OPEX Member’s Site free of charge. Our goal is to give you the best opportunity to constantly uplevel your coaching and business ownership abilities, so it’s a natural progression for you to keep this material so that you can always refer back to it with your coaches and your clients.

Our promise to you as a business owner is that we will listen to you, and we will help you succeed to the best of our ability. We cannot, nor do we want to, hold your hand. You will work hard as an OPEX Gym to differentiate yourself from the rest of the fitness gym models out there, but what you’ll find on the other side is a fulfilling and successful business that you will be proud of and confident in it’s long-term viability for you, your coaches, and your clients.

Become an OPEX Gym

How do OPEX Gyms work?

An OPEX Gym is the perfect combination of customized fitness for clients mixed with the fun and supportive environment of a community micro gym. Each client will work one to one with their coach who will customize their fitness experience. However, they will not train in a personal training format, they will enjoy it with all of the other gym members executing their programs while one floor coach acts as the orchestra conductor on the floor. Not only do the coaches get to work with clients more closely through consultations, assessments, nutrition discussions, and customized program design, the clients get to enjoy the camaraderie of a team environment while they train every day.

If you look at the history of fitness, the only form of group fitness that has withstood the test of time is yoga. Why don’t other versions of fitness succeed in the long-run? It’s because the alignment of the client, the coach, and the owner doesn’t work. If you are going to run a group model, know that you are fighting against the 500 other group gym styles out there. Why doesn’t everybody do Individual Design with OPEX? Because you have to prove your worth. You have to prove that you can build relationships with your clients. And, you have to prove that you are consistent and aligned in your message out to the world.
An OPEX Gym isn’t for everybody, but if while reading this page you got excited to work more deeply with your coaches and clients, it’s time to take the next step in your coaching and fitness career with an OPEX Gym! Join us in changing the face of fitness one coach and one client at a time!
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