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OPEX’s (Formerly OPT) belief is that no two individuals are alike. We view fitness as an evolving journey and exploration to discover physical potential. That journey leads to the discovery of purpose and the longevity of oneself. At OPEX our commitment to continual learning and our passion for sharing that knowledge ensures that our clients have the best unique experience possible in their pursuit of fitness: The OPEX Experience

Since 1999 OPEX coaches have worked with tens of thousands of fitness clients and have written well over 1,000,000 program designs for those clients. The results have produced countless healthy and inspired clients while also helping to build CrossFit Games champion, James (OPT) Fitzgerald, 50 CrossFit Games Competitors, and over 500 CrossFit Games Regional athletes since 2007.

OPEX has also produced over 1,500 coaches worldwide who are creating successful, results driven coaching businesses across the globe. The results of these OPEX coaches have not only produced Olympic, professional, and CrossFit Games athletes, but hundreds of thousands of healthy and fulfilled clients. Book a consult to find out how to start your OPEX Experience.

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