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Coaching Certificate Program: Level 1

Smarter Coaching, Better Results

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Have a Fulfilling and Rewarding Career

Many coaches have struggled to find their place in the challenging fitness industry. 

They feel anxious and stagnant when their career begins to decelerate in front of their eyes. 

OPEX empowers coaches to dynamically build a roadmap for their career instead of simply giving them another certificate. 

*Growth rate of New Fitness Organizations has been climbing over 1,500 each year in the United States alone

The Modules


Physical Assessment:
-Squat Assessment
-Single Leg Assessment
-Upper Body Push
-Upper Body Pull Assessment
Movement Analysis
Work Capacity


Weight Training Protocols Reps, Sets, Ranges, and Schemes
Training Age
Biological Age
Exercise Pairing and Prioritization Energy System Training
Anaerobic Capacity Training Aerobic Capacity Training
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Prescriptions
Training vs Testing
Dose Response
Planning, Periodization, and Peaking


Frameworks For Action Plans Understand Your Bias
Initial Consult
Determining Priorities Communication
Masculine-Feminine Characteristics Goal Setting
Building Trust
Behavior Change


Science of Nutrition
The Consultation
Proteins, Fats, and Carbs
Food Quality
Basic Lifestyle Guidelines Performance
Nutritional Timing
Manipulating Macros
Pre/Post Workout
Case Studies


7 Step Sales Process
6 Stages of Fitness Business Growth Diagnostic Assessment
Winning Mindset
Client Success Principles
Brand Development
Time Management and Priorities Pricing and Packaging Raising Rates
Intro to Marketing


Complete the Practical Case Studies: 
- Assessment
- Program Design
- Nutrition
- Lifestyle Coaching
- Business 

Remove the Guesswork

Ensure clients Results, and Succeed as a Fitness Professional 

The system focuses on five principles of coaching: Assessment, Program Design, Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition and Business Systems. 

What Our Coaches Have To Say

Thomas Madden says:

OPEX means the world to me already. I was lost before I found you and your team. I mean LOST. You've given me direction, a purpose, a place to look for hope, education, inspiration.

Thomas Madden
Owner, Heroes Journey CrossFit

Amanda Martin says:

The knowledge I've learned ranges from assessing clients in movement, understanding why they are holding onto body fat, creating creating personalized nutrition recommendations, and writing program designs centered around their lifestyle. This continues to add confidence for me as a coach and tremendous value for my clients and their unique fitness journeys.

Amanda Martin
Coach, Central Athlete

Phil Gothard says:

Thanks to everyone at OPEX again for the incredible learning experience you have given and continue to give me.  I have learned a vast majority of what I know as a coach, and much of my competence is credited to my pursuit of a further education through your modules and networking with other great coaches who have followed a similar path. 

Phil Gothard
Owner, CrossFit Dubuque

Distinguish Yourself as a High Level Coach and Teach Fitness with Purpose

With decades of experience, James Fitzgerald created a program that revolutionizes coaching education, so coaches develop into more than just fitness instructors. 

Through his mentoring and teaching, over 2,000 coaches in more than 50 countries world wide have become role models, life advisors, and responsible trusted leaders. 

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A System built to develop coaches that seek excellence in their craft


You will be enrolled in the program with 50 other like-minded coaches looking to pursue high education in coaching. Throughout the 12 month program, you will be mentored by James Fitzgerald.  You’ll have access to him via email, online forums and webinars.

Online Modules

Every two months, you will work through each one of the modules within the CCP curriculum.  The first month is focused on theory while the second month is focused on  practical application in a real world setting. 

Live Courses

While not required, Live Courses add an additional layer  of understanding for coaches going through the program.  We currently offer Assessment, Program Design, Lifestyle Coaching, and Nutrition live through out the year either in the US or overseas.


Once per month, cohorts will gather together with James FitzGerald to go over that months online module theory as well as answer any questions on the real world, hands practical application portion of each module.  Come with questions and be ready to engage.


At the end of each module, a 50 question quiz checks for retention of material and understanding of the theories presented in the course.  Students will not be able to move forward to the next module until they have passed the quiz.

Final Project

The final project is a culmination of all practical hands on application portions of each module. The final project is reviewed personally by James FitzGerald and each coach is provided with feedback on the project. If approved by James, they will be awarded the CCP Level 1 Associate Coach designation and be eligible to open an OPEX Gym.