larger-life-sliderEpisode #37: “Integrating Exclusive Coaching within an existing group fitness gym model”

In this episode of OPT-In James takes on a great question from a member of the OPEX community around introducing ad integrating an Exclusive Coaching program offering into an existing group fitness business model.  With that discussion, James reflects back on his impetus in creating and evolving the Big Dawg Blog over the last 6+ years, and how there are parallels to be drawn in both journeys. You can watch Episode 37 here!

Here is a link to the original Big Dawg Blog for reference:

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April 19, 2015

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What do you see in each picture? The frames are seconds apart but with a slight tilt in the camera for each.

I was out practicing MAP 10 (#map10isthenewzone1) in North Carolina while there for CCP “program design” and “coaching” level 1. The night there was calling me to be outside. I walk often. Its not irregular for me to walk with my Titan Vest in the AM’s for 60 min as well as hike the Gateway Loop with my wife 2-3x/week for 1:09 – ish. (currently on track to beat Matt and Lindsay’s 1:08). Anyhow, I was out for a stroll and had to stop in this field.

The fence drew me near, it reminded me of the one erected on my land in Calgary back in the day. I hung over it like a cowboy would looking at his horse run, except the field was empty. I could not take my site off the sky though, so I decided to take these pics.

The reference is important here. I took them as I always have of the sky and light that fascinates me; as I have posted on before and what it means. I tilted the camera ever so slightly for the 2 pics and saw a tremendous difference.

It made me reflect on what we had gone over in the course during that day on how much perception and our own filters can help and/or hinder our progress. One may see darkness and night in this photo, one may see light and daytime – each with their own context.

For example, one may see the challenge in learning a new skill in fitness as a road block, another may see it as an obstacle to overcome – a challenge. Someone may see injury as the end, while another may see it as a sign. An athlete may see a workout or tester and think “yikes”, while another might be excited to try it out.

A lot of this is about perception.

And this is where coaching is so powerful.

Coaches have the ability to change the way people see things in fitness. It starts with the coach; they create awareness of their perceptions; then they proceed to educate and explain how others see things and how to direct them to see them a little “differently”.

This is life changing.

I have seen many people’s lives change in front of me.  Honestly…in seconds. With their comments that follow “I guess I have never thought to look at it that way…” All they needed was a different insight, not into fantasy, but an inspiration into what might be. And CCP coaches can give that.

What seems simple can be profound. Get excited about inspiring others through fitness. The fitness industry is growing; it needs more qualified “real-world fitness” professionals.

Join the CCP journey today and change some perceptions.

April, 18 2015

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4 Coaching Principles That Help Define the Difference Between Coach vs Cheerleader

You can’t deny that coaches play a role in development of professional and/or elite athletes.  Today coaches seem to be EVERYWHERE… With a stop watch and a coach’s shirt on their back they are now qualified to count reps and push people to go harder!   The “role” of a coach, in many cases, has diluted into a cheerleader type role.  If you want to be more than a cheerleader here are 4 principles that will help to differentiate you and the rest of the crowd of coaches:


OPEX ONE April 17, 2015

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April 17, 2015
Coach Matt Springer

Scheduling Weekly Training

In this week’s installment of OPEX ONE, I will be addressing how to schedule a weekly training split to best compliment lifestyle, answering the question: What days of the week should I train?

Certainly 3-on/1-off is not conducive to a large number of individuals for scheduling. But then again, neither is a split taking Sunday/Thursday as rest days. Such a split prioritizes training during a typical workweek, where lifestyle stresses are heightened for many. Below are three avatars I am most commonly presented with for alternative scheduling.


April 16, 2015

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Athlete Spotlight; Tyler Grimh

Tyler Grimh, a CrossFit coach at CrossFit Sanctify in Madison, Wisconsin, was tired of searching for the ‘perfect program’ to improve his own athletic abilities and fitness.

He was tired, that is, until he discovered OPEX’s Exclusive Coaching program about four months ago…and he hasn’t looked back since.

While Tyler has not been an athlete ‘all his life’, he said he’s always been active and, since discovering CrossFit back in 2011, he said he has developed a love for training. This newfound love for training also gave him a newfound love for pushing his body to new limits, and, like many, he found himself constantly spinning his wheels to try to ‘get better’, ‘get stronger’ and ‘get fitter’ every day in the gym.


April 15, 2015

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Where Do You Feel Most Alive?

I just spent the last week travelling in Paris on my own. I’m a fairly social creature by nature, but I looooove my alone time. Like A LOT. I enjoy the stillness that comes from being alone with your thoughts and the ability to reflect in that space. In our Life Coaching course, we ask people the question: “Where do you feel most alive and energized?” For me, one of the answers to that question is in learning, and I learn a lot when I travel. New experiences inspire me and that place of inspiration allows for clarity of thought. So needless-to-say that time in Paris was highly valuable to me.


April 14, 2015

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Improving Digestion with James Fitzgerald

Here at OPEX, we are big on education, and the continued education, of our coaches, athletes and clients.

Knowledge is power when it comes to learning, and today we are talking about Basic Digestive Health and Food Hygiene practices with Coach James FitzGerald.


April 13, 2015

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Reflections on the Open 

There is quite a lot of coverage about those who are at the top of the Leader Board during the CrossFit Games, but what about the other 249,900 people?

The sport is growing throughout all parts of the world and among people of all ability levels.

A major focus at OPEX is not only helping those who stand atop the podium, but also helping those 249,900 people find progress and fulfillment within the sport.

We pay close attention to how the sport is evolving for ALL athletes.