Client Training Program: Tyson Gurnsey

Remote Coaching Client Tyson Gurnsey came to OPEX with he goal of becoming a better athlete in multiple sports (Lacrosse, Football and [...]

Client Training Program : Laura Ostrander

Robin Lyons breakdown from consult, assessment to prescription when starting a new client…. Female Client Age: 34 Occupation: Gym [...]

Client Training Program: Mitch Weekes

  Mitch Weekes is currently in his second week of Testing. 30 Muscle ups for time:3:50 I look for 4  things [...]

Client Training Program: Nick Lucignano

This is Nick Lucignano doing 12.3. Here's an example of someone who may not have particular trouble with the [...]

6 Events OPEX Loves To Attend

Photo Courtesy of CrossFit HQ Media People often ask us where we go to compete and learn [...]

Client Training Program: Zach Hawkins

Remote Coaching Client Zach Hawkins has been working hard to improve his upper body vertical pushing strength, amongst other [...]

Client Training Program: Christine Fenton

Matt Springer's initial notes for Christine Fenton included: Should not squat, cannot lift overhead, and cannot hang from a bar. [...]

Client Training Program : David Lee Nall

When I saw David’s scores at The OPEX Athlete Camp for the Aerobic Power test I knew cyclical work was going to help him [...]

Client Training Program: John Cheah

During training for the Asia Championship, John hit a new PR of 13 MU on OPEX’s second day of [...]

Statistical analysis from the Women’s Individual CF Regional

Courtesy of CrossFit HQ Media Statistical analysis of the data gathered from the Women’s Individual CF Regional [...]

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