Client Training Program: Gino Goossens

Gino Goossens is a 39 year young male competitive in the sport of Fitness. Hit a 1k Row PR by 8 seconds [...]

Scaling for Conditioning

How do you make things do-able for folks in fitness who don’t have the requirements to actually do the [...]

Client Training Program- Max Diaz

Max Diaz working on his front squats with chains. His program has a focus on balanced fitness while maintaining the [...]

CrossFit Regionals- Week 2

Photo: CrossFit Games Media Two-thirds of the way through Regionals. The over-rising thoughts in my head are [...]

Client Training Program: Michele Eckert

Michele Eckert (75 years old) - Has not been able to golf due to knee issues. - Now is golfing [...]

Energy Systems Training

Energy System Training is a training methodology by which people do various levels of work to try to increase overall ability [...]

Client Training Spotlight- Daniela Cardona

TNG Barbell work is specific for the Sport of Fitness For Teen Athlete Daniela Cardona focusing on controlled eccentric [...]

Client Training Program: Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson is a personal trainer and CrossFit coach in Barbados. At 31 years old, he works at two different [...]

Game Day Eating- Regionals vs. Open

When comparing the Open to Regional competitions and appropriate fueling for either, it’s important to first consider a few things. [...]

Client Training Program: Matt Nunez

Matt Nunez, who has been on a journey to  create aerobic capacity with better movement and training volume. In the video, he [...]

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