Quit Sabotaging Your Training!

“Sports psychology is the scientific study of mind, emotion, and behavior as it relates to athletic performance and physical activity.” [...]

Client Training Program: Kyle Sommer

Kyle just complete his first two weeks of testing and is getting into some structured training.  His goal is to [...]

Training Techniques- Snatch Cues

The snatch has been an Olympic weightlifting movement since the 19th century. It’s become a staple in CrossFit and is [...]

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Why is the Coach/Client Relationship so Important?

Why is the Coach/Client Relationship so important? First you have to recognize that your clients are people and not [...]

Client Training Program: Murat Erbaytan

Murat Erbaytan is a masters athlete who started with OPEX HQ Head Coach Matt Connolly back in May.  He came to [...]

Fixing a Weak Back

Fixing a weak back is something many of our coaches and clients ask about, in this short video James Fitzgerald goes over a few ways to fix that.

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Client Training Program: Edwin Herrero

Edwin Herrero came on board in January looking to improve his level in competition. Improving gymnastics density and cleaning up [...]

Client Training Program: Abby McCormick

Abby has been spending the last 5 weeks on specifically refining  positional work in the snatch. In this last block [...]

Discovery to Action on My Priorities

“..No dress rehearsal, this is our life” - Gord Downie Priorities Some things we think we know. Like our [...]

Client Training Program: Dustin Harth

Dustin Harth Age: 33 Male Training age- 6+ years Opens 2015 -- 40th (before OPEX) Opens 2016 --17th (9months w/ [...]

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