opex-shirtsIt’s official! Team OPEX Red has made it to the CrossFit Regionals for the SouthWest Region! With this news, we will be having a sale on our OPEX shirts until April 10th!

The athletes fought physically and mentally every week and it showed as they placed first in their region. We would like to thank all of those who have supported the OPEX athletes and those who have followed our exclusive coaching throughout the CrossFit Open.

We hope you continue to show your support throughout the next few weeks as our athletes and coaches will continue get themselves, and their clients ready!

April 1, 2015

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Do What Makes Your Happy

I had the best weekend—it was completely full and utterly fulfilling.  I completed phase 2 of a new corporate gym I’m setting up, packed and got ready to leave for Sweden, I trained and PR’d, made & ate really good seasonal food, hung out with a dear friend, read a book, listened to good music, slept well, supported Kent at the opens, took my daughter to volleyball, survived as she drove us home (she just got her learners), connected with old friends, had very philosophical conversations, played laser tag with my boys, went shopping, drove my kids to their activities at all hours, and had an extra teenager at my house for a grand total of 5 kids for the weekend.

Most importantly I enjoyed every second of it.

I’ve worked hard to align my life so that I could maximize the fulfillment I provide for myself and the  value I can offer others.  About ten years ago I was in a store and saw a picture that said: “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”  I didn’t realize how true this was at the time I read it, but it struck a chord and I found myself silently repeating it because in order to TRULY give, you must be able to receive.

Coaches are notorious for giving—training others and not themselves, paying their employees and not themselves, everyone else first.  If you give without filling up your own tank, eventually you’ll be empty and that leads to burn-out over time as you’ll be running on fumes.

A solid flow of energy has two perpetual components… giving AND receiving.

But here’s the rub… the things you find fulfilling may not match others definitions of fulfillment and you’ll find people telling you what you “should” do and how you “should” live your life.  I’ve taken my fair share of challenges from those around me who have questioned or judged what I do.  But at the end of the day, “I’d rather have the whole world against me than my own soul”.  That’s true alignment—when you know in your heart of hearts what works for you and all the voices on the outside are just background noise.

This weekend, one of my clients gave himself permission to buy gluten free bread for the first time and the flack he took for it at home was enough to question if it was worth it.  But he has goals for himself and he knows that a healthy strong body is something he finds great fulfillment in.  So, despite the noise all around him, he is learning to align his priorities with his behavior.

This sounds SO simple, but it really isn’t for most.  Stop and think about how many times you’ve told someone what they “should” do.  And stop and think about how many times you’ve been told by someone what you “should” do.  Most times when this happens, it’s very well intentioned as it’s coming from a place of someone wanting to help.  But what is often disregarded is the fact that the well intentioned advice may not truly be in alignment for you (or them).  Next time you feel the desire to tell someone what they “should” do, take a pause and ask if it’s for them or for you.  And next time someone tells you what you “should” do, ask yourself if this is in alignment with who you are and will fulfill you.

Some people will read about my weekend and resonate with why that could fulfill me.  Others will read that and be thankful that’s not their life.  In any case, I am thankful it’s my life and that I have given myself permission to align it in such a way that fulfills and energizes me.

Sharon Prete
CCP Life Coaching Co-Conductor


Function 4/1/15

Rest Day


Being 4/1/15

Hike 90-120mins unplugged recap on year of training and what direction you see yourself going for your future.


Will 4/1/15

Swim 30 sec @70%
rest on wall 30 se
x 15
AD 45 min EASY


She 4/1/15

Row 3k
Walk 20 min
AD 15 min EASY

March 31, 2015

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EC Spotlight : Michael Bann 

Over time in any vocation you get to see things that take time to develop.

In my time spent as coaching other coaches, I have come to appreciate the ABILITY to coach takes time.

This is one of the reasons I love coaching as a profession; there is no quick fix to finding the mysteries behind the relationship building between coach and client, coach and process, coach and business.

There are some basic rhythms that coaches MUST go through over time to properly develop long term, for sustainability for themselves as well as their clients and business.

This process I believe comes in the simple form of transformation from the SCIENTIST to the ARTIST.

There is SO MUCH to coaching; but it must start with knowing WHY you are doing what you are doing. (science)

There will come a time (with time and practice and constant touches with people) where you see that “flow” and “creativity” alongside the WHY is MORE important now.

I am grateful to see daily the growth of coaches around me; I have now surrounded myself with a team of top notch coaches that appreciate that process, that drive.

One of these coaches at OPEX, Michael Bann, is one of those coaches that is continually searching for answers, the truths and the reasoning behind why we do what we do and how to PROPERLY do it in a prescription.

That process seems so simple, but there is a LOT in that.

Michael and I meet frequently. Our discussions are largely on both of our growths in coaching; the medium is assessment, human movements, injury, performance, potential, our clients we work with….etc…

All discussions end with gratitude; for him that I can be someone he can share with in his growth as a coach, for me its his unwavering and admirable quest to know the WHY behind what is right and wrong in exercise prescription.

Michael sits best in an online coaching platform with those students and clients that have possibly, like we say, been “put through the ringer with fitness”.

When they are spit out, he is there to meet them with proper movement execution, proper prehab and rehab protocols and then give them insight into function and performance management.

He works well with folks that are motivated to get better, clients that are sport related in power and strength, or amateur athletes in fitness that need the right plan.

If you are interested and see yourself as a person who might fall into this area and need some DIRECTION and PURPOSE in your training, contact us here and get started with Michael TODAY!



Function 3/31/15

A. Deadlift – 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 – first set build from 75%1RM
12 min AMRAP @90-100%
50 Row calories
40 AbMat situps
30 Wall balls – 20/14#


Being 3/31/15

Row 5k easy pace
every 500m get off and sip some water for 30-60sec


Will 3/31/15

Swim 45 min
Hike 45 min


She 3/31/15

Hike 45 min EASY
Swim 30 min

March 30, 2015

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Do It For Fun

I recently worked with a group of children, a troop of Girl Scout Brownies, about 8 or 9-years-old, came into OPEX to earn one of their badges.

The plan for the day was nothing too intense. It included a series of basic bodyweight exercises and mobility movements, as well as education around the importance of incorporating fitness into their daily lives.

And while I hope they learned a thing or two from my gym nerd speak (I can talk air squat form and clam shells all day), I think I walked away with a greater lesson, unknowingly taught by them.


March 29, 2015

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A Change in Seasons

Seasons come and seasons go, and, for now, spring is upon us.

For those of you who have lived (and endured) a long cold winter of training and trudging through the elements, spring cannot come fast enough—and this change in season is often times, fully embraced.

While change in temperature is far more rare here in Scottsdale at OPEX HQ, there is still a sense of newness and change in the air, which goes to show that ‘change’ involves far more than climate.


March 28, 2015

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Know Your Why

As the Open draws to a close, the time comes to take a breath and reflect on the season that you just had (assuming that you won’t be moving onto regionals).

A time of reflection for ALL those who decided to make the Open a priority in their training season.  What was learned about strengths, weaknesses and outright holes in their game. Did their training and commitment to ‘showing up’ over the past year pay off.  That pay off certainly doesn’t have to be in the form of a trip to regionals but did competitors have a fulfilling season that showed progress over the training year?


March 27, 2015

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Supporting Your Athletes

When you hear the phrase “support your clients”, what thoughts come to mind?

Guidance? Listening? Cheerleading?

Often times ‘support’ can get pinned as a ‘soft-around-the-edges’ kind of term.

However, I beg to differ.

Support isn’t just about cheerleading.  It is about helping somebody build a stronger belief and accountability in themselves.

As coaches, it is imperative that we recognize this.   


March 26, 2015

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Athlete Spotlight; Sarabeth Phillips

15th place in the World during the Open is no easy task.

Sarabeth Phillips currently holds that spot going into the fifth and final week of the Open, after five long years of fighting to be on top.

Marching into the 2015 Games season, the five-time CrossFit Regional athlete and USAW American Open Champion Sarabeth, knew she needed something ‘different’ when it came to her training and programming for her sixth CrossFit Open this year.

Hungry to qualify for the CrossFit Games, after having been around the sport since 2008, she didn’t know exactly what that ‘something different’ entailed until she met OPEX Coach Mike Lee last summer at the NPGL Vegas Combine.