Aerobic Capacity

Trying to get better in fitness requires tackling a number of different modalities. James Fitzgerald of OPEX talks about bringing up your aerobic capacity.

Client Training Program: Kirstin Healey

Kirstin Healey is a former figure skater from Arkansas who’s looking to improve as a competitor in fitness. At [...]

Power with the Prowler

The prowler can be used for effective power training. However, there are prerequisites to its use. It requires someone to [...]

Client Training Program: Kelsey Sherwood

Kelsey has been through the ringer in her fitness journey with endocrine issues and various mechanical issues. When we [...]

Why I Moved to OPEX

In a few short words: We found home in the desert. For me, I never imagined saying this. I [...]

Your Season Starts NOW

It’s early August. There are 210 days until you compete in the OPENS. (gulp) If you train 5 times per [...]

Client Training Program: Larry Brown

Larry is the epitome of someone who is dedicated to their fitness. He's a guy that doesn't look for [...]

Is Social Media Destroying Fitness?

Social media has been around for 20 years now, since Six Degrees into personal blogging into LinkedIn into MySpace into [...]

Client Training Program: Laura Donaldson

Laura Donaldson 15# PR on her split jerk during an every 90 second build peice. For the past 8 weeks, [...]

Why You’re Not Sleeping Well

As someone who worked shifts for 9+ years I’m only too familiar with struggling to sleep and the subsequent negative [...]

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