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Create a Fulfilling and Rewarding Career that Inspires

Fitness is a very noisy industry for coaches.

People are calling themselves coaches with nothing more than an internet connection and a social media profile.  

OPEX Coaches separate themselves from other fitness instructors by creating impactful results for their clients. The OPEX CCP Program empowers you to develop a prosperous, stable, and long-lasting career as a professional coach.

With decades of experience, James Fitzgerald’s CCP Program has revolutionized coaching education. Through James’s mentoring and teaching, over 2,000 coaches in over 60 countries have become role models, life advisors, and trusted leaders in their communities.


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Hear what other coaches say about the OPEX CCP course

I chose the OPEX CCP program because I know people who were are involved in the community and I shared the belief that there is always more to learn about fitness. The claim that excellence in this field demands never ending test or a  really resonated with me.  I was getting coaching and I really valued the process, I wanted to learn provide that insight to others.

Ian Kaplan- OPEX CCP Level 1 Coach

Having always kept an eye on the Big Dawg Blog, I returned there every so often KNOWING I wanted to learn from James and his team. I had a list of 5 year goals, and one of them was to be OPEX (OPT at the time) certified. I teased myself in 2012 by going to an athlete camp where James demonstrated his knowledge on Aerobic based training for mixed modalities. This was the tipping point.

Thomas Madden- CCP Level 1 Coach

Since starting the journey, I became a Level 1 Associate Coach in February 2016! One of my proudest days.  My future goals are to continue refining my assessment process with new clients and continue to work with clients 1:1 as well as in a group setting to grow my knowledge and experience of program design. I think this will be a continuous goal for me over my tenure in this industry.

Ann Lehmann - CCP Level 1 Coach

What You’ll Learn

Want to be a more successful coach and experience financial freedom? We will help you on your journey to becoming a professional coach so that you can provide impactful results for your clients. Throughout the CCP program, you’ll learn how to professionally progress your clients using quality Consultation, Assessment, Program Design, and Nutrition.

OPEX Consultation


Professional coaches recognize that the quality of their client relationships lays their client’s groundwork for success. CCP Consultation gives you the tools to build relationships through awareness, trust, goal setting, communication, and a host of other valuable behavioral principles.

OPEX Assessment


Meeting your clients where they physically sit allows you to design a fitness program that truly serves their needs. The CCP BMW Assessment (Body, Move, Work) gives you tools to properly score body fat testing, structural strength ratios, movement and mobility balance, and work capacity scores.

OPEX Program Design

Program Design

CCP Program Design gives you the keys to create and progress client programs, including: what strength is and how to progress it, what energy systems are and how to improve them, how to identify priorities and progressions for different types of clients, and planning and periodization to help your clients for the long-term.

OPEX Nutrition


Quality and consistent lifestyle and nutrition practices support your clients’ progress in and out of the gym. CCP Nutrition gives you the tools to prescribe improvements to: hydration, food quality, food intolerances, sleep, stress, macro nutrients, and supplementation. It also covers case studies of coaches who worked with clients who wanted to stay lean and healthy and clients who needed refinement for peak performance.

OPEX Business Systems

Business Systems

A successful coach is a coach with a strong business. CCP Business systems gives you the tools and structure to properly track client data, build your network and visibility within your community, and measure your business to improve your client retention and financial position.

Final Project

After you’ve learned all of the CCP principles, it’s time to implement them into your coaching practice. Through the Final Project, you’ll experiment, you’ll make mistakes, and, you’ll become a much better coach through your tangible experience.

So How Does CCP Work?

1. Cohort

You will be enrolled with other like-minded coaches seeking to improve themselves. Throughout the 12 month program, you will be mentored by James Fitzgerald where you’ll have access to him via email, web forums, and video webinars.

2. Online Modules

Every 2 months, you’ll work through each of the modules in the CCP Program (Consultation, Assessment, Program Design, Nutrition, and Business Systems).The first month of each new module is theory focused while the second month is practical implementation focused.

3. Webinars

Once per month, you’ll gather with the rest of the coaches in your cohort and James Fitzgerald.  You will review and discuss that month’s module theory, and you’ll discuss how to apply the module’s principles into your real-world coaching practice. Come with questions, and be ready to engage.

4. Quizzies

At the end of each module, you’ll complete a quiz. The quiz questions will test your for retention and understanding of the material presented in the specific module.Once you pass the quiz, you’ll continue to the next CCP module.

5. Final Project

The final project is an accumulation of all of the practical applications of the modules. James Fitzgerald, himself, reviews and provides feedback on your Final Project.If approved by James, you’ll be awarded the CCP Level 1 Associate Coach designation, and you’ll be eligible to be a fully licensed OPEX Gym!

6. Part of the OPEX family

Now that you have your new CCP skills, it’s time to keep learning. Experiment and don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t forget to ask questions. You are now part of a 2,000-strong community of coaches!!

Sign me up and help me become a better coach!

Sign me up and help me become a better coach!