Meet the Leadership Team

At OPEX, our goal is to inspire coaches and clients to live larger lives through fitness. We view fitness as an evolving journey and exploration of the connection between mind, body, and spirit while attempting to discover physical potential. That journey leads to the discovery of purpose and longevity of yourself. At OPEX, our commitment to continual learning and our passion for sharing that knowledge ensures our clients have the finest experience possible in their pursuit of fitness: the OPEX Experience.

Meet the leadership team

James Fitzgerald Founder

James Fitzgerald


The guy that paints the picture. When he’s not coaching, he’s a full-time husband, father, and fitness athlete. His 20+ years of experience and service as a strength coach/technician, tireless practice on refining energy system work, nourishment and lifestyle balancing techniques, and training of other coaches has made OPEX a sought after method of bringing fitness to a Higher Order.

James has found a desire and passion to understanding fitness through assessment, testing, research, programming and more. He has had many years of experience as an athlete from early childhood into adulthood, from playing top-level soccer, to short and long distance running, to CrossFit where he was crowned “The Fittest on Earth,” winner of the 2007 CrossFit Games.

Jim Crowell CEO

Jim Crowell


Jim Crowell loves doing two things over all else….Building businesses and mentoring coaches and business owners to enjoy inspiring, fulfilling, and successful careers. He attended Penn State University where he double majored in Finance and Economics. After graduation, Jim moved into the fast paced environment of a commodities trading hedge fund first in Columbus, OH and then in Austin, TX. After five years in the financial arena, Jim couldn’t ignore his heart anymore; he left finance in pursuit of fitness.

For the next four years he founded and successfully scaled multiple fitness facilities in Pittsburgh. He built his reputation around three main principles: hard work, progress, and fulfillment. Those ideas lead him to earn a Business Designation with honors from The Harvard Business School, as well as his MBA through the Kenan-Flagler Business School at The University of North Carolina (UNC) while concurrently working full time.

After his tenure in Pittsburgh, Jim was honored to join OPEX in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. His unique background helps him understand that every coach and business situation is different and needs to be treated with mindful strategy and relentless execution.

Meghan Sweet Coaching Advisor Manager

Meghan Sweet

Coaching Advisor Manager

Meghan discovered early on her passion for improving the mind and body for optimal health and high performance. After quitting soccer in high school, she began working at Gold’s Gym where curiosity and desire to learn more physiology began. Although she received her Bachelors in Business Management with a concentration in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, her desire to improve health and performance remained.

She went on to work for a Fortune 14 Healthcare corporation as a Marketing Manager. In 2009 during her corporate career, she found CrossFit. This greatly impacted her physically and mentally so much, that she knew she wanted to be on the front lines of preventative health and wellness so that individuals could be high performers with what matters to them most. Through this discovery, she become a part-time CrossFit coach and found the “OPT Big Dawg blog” in her quest for a higher level training program for herself.

Eventually she left her corporate job and became the general manager at her CrossFit gym, coaching hundreds of people to achieve their personal goals. Knowing that she needed more education to deliver the best service possible, she enrolled in the OPEX Coaching Certification Program (CCP) and became an exclusive client as well. CCP took her coaching to the next level with principles that gave her confidence to create programs that improve all facets of people’s lives and deliver outstanding results. Shortly after, James FitzGerald invited Meghan out to train as an athlete full-time. She relocated from her hometown in Atlanta, GA and began supporting OPEX CCP growth.

Meghan is committed to showing others what’s possible when you take action. Not only is she a five time CrossFit regional competitor and 2015 Team OPEX CrossFit Games athlete, she coaches clients and works with thousands of coaches on their life changing OPEX CCP journeys. Contact Meghan to consult with her on your journey today!

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